It is very important to know how much propane is in your
tank.  Not only will this prevent you from running out of
propane, it helps us to know when you order propane
how much we can expect to be filling.

Checking your propane is easier than you think!

While each individual tank may vary slightly, all propane
tanks have a liquid level gauge, usually located on the
top of the tank.
As you can see, propane gauges may have different ranges, but they all include
numbers ranging from 5 to 95.  These numbers represent the
liquid propane that is in the tank.  In the picture on the left, the tank is 76% full.
If this gauge was on a 500 gallon tank, there would be 380 gallons in it.  If it
was a 120 gallon tank, there would be a little over 91 gallons in the tank.

In the gauge on the right, you see that a part of the gauge is shaded in red.  If
your tank has a gauge like this and if the needle is in the red,
The beginning of the red section is 20% - on a cold day, this will last you at least
one or two days.  In the summertime, this will last you a week or more.